Vegetarian Month. This was clearly our April fools gag, thanks to all who helped proliferate it and bahahahahahaha #Burned to those who fell for it.

At the Ship contend that the best businesses only survive through constant innovation. This is a belief for which we have always been rewarded by our customers with support and encouragement, especially when it comes to culinary matters. They understand better than anyone that to stay afloat a business such as ours must stay ahead of the curve. This is why we’re extremely excited (and a little apprehensive) to announce our next step along this path: for the entire month of April, we’ll be introducing a wholly 100% vegetarian menu.

There will be no meat or fish available at The Ship at all for the entire month.

Gasp perhaps? Why not? What of our famous burger, or our scotch eggs which draw hungry visitors from all across London? These meaty dishes are staples of our menu and a huge reason for our success, and they will be back on our grills and in our fryers from May 1st. It’s simply that we feel very strongly about the fact that vegetarian cuisine is poorly represented in London’s kitchens, especially those of pubs. We’ve thought long and hard about this, and decided it just isn’t fair. With valuable input from Patrick Didster of the South Fulham Vegetarian Society, we’re doing our best to revitalise the image of vegetarian food. That said, let’s tantalise you with samples from of our ground-breaking new menu. Available from today.


Deep Fried Parsnip with Elderberry Jam

Foraged Forage and Borage (a blend of interesting locally picked leaves with secret vegetarian sauce)

Wild Mushrooms with Stuffing of the Day

Plate of Smears: Puree, Sauce and Sabayon with Candied Celeriac

Chickpea and Lentil Scotch Egg

Tofu “Au Naturale”


Vegetarian Fish and Chips – ‘Fillet’ of Bombardier-Battered Fish Shaped Feta with Hand Cut Chips

Lentil, Rhubarb and Pea Mustard Casserole

Tofu and Bean Burger, Cheese, Pickled Cucumber and Fries

Grape and Kidney Bean Pie with Swede Mash

Broccoli, Artichoke and Spinach Gratin with Toasted Walnuts

Roast Butternut Squash, Mushroom, Sage and Mascarpone Risotto

Roast Pepper, Chilli and Sweet Potato Risotto

More Risottos

Fennel, Pea and Rocket Risotto with Parmesan and Truffle Oil.

Nothing is more important to us than your feedback, so do let us know what you think of our new dishes. We’ll be launching it for Sunday lunch, so come in and ask our servers for more details. They are all very excited to discuss its content with you.

About shipwandsworth

On the banks of the Thames by Wandsworth Bridge, The Ship has been supplying fine ales, wines and food to its surrounding residents since 1786 when it was founded as a Thameside Waterman’s Inn.
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9 Responses to Vegetarian Month. This was clearly our April fools gag, thanks to all who helped proliferate it and bahahahahahaha #Burned to those who fell for it.

  1. publican sam says:

    I’ll just get that short ladder for my long wait, before I nip to get that tin of spotted paint …

  2. Jack Bremer says:

    I’ve often thought that vegetarians get a bum deal when eating out – there’s only so much cheese & broccoli bake a human can eat. When eating out, especially in these days of austerity measures, it’s so important the whole experience is fantastic, from staff to cuisine to atmosphere – otherwise we may as well stay home and eat Pot Noodles.

    If this goes just a small step towards improving vegetarian options then it has to be called a success.

    I’m an avid meat eater, but fully approve of this – it might open some eyes for people, to other ways to examine their diet and provide new choices. I think many of us omnivores would choose a vegetarian option every now and then if they were more appealing, and if anyone can get it right it’s got to be the expert culinary team at The Ship.

    I’ll be in to check it out soon. Bravo.

  3. Jim Connolly says:

    I actually spat coffee out with laughter at “More Risottos” – Which was weird as I wasn’t drinking coffee.

    Love this!

  4. Maggie J says:

    I would travel down from near Cambridge to Wandsworth (my childhood home) for a plate of smears if I weren’t afraid of running out of petrol! ;-)

  5. You didn’t even jokingly offer a nut roast. Or would that just be on the Sunday menu?

  6. Emily says:

    Love this! Hilarious, love ‘Plate of Smears’ and dear me, the terror of ‘Tofu Au Naturale’!

    Saying that however, April Fools notwithstanding, someone should do something to get rid of the interminable about of tomato and goats cheese tarts or mushroom risottos that vegetarians are usually plagued with.

  7. You landlubber Scallywags probably never even been on a ship, if that’s the best vegetarian menu you can come up with it’s no wonder you best be sticking with food to nurture a good heart attack!. Next time you wants to stick a few vegetarian things on yer menu give I a call and I’ll show you a Walnut and Oyster Mushroom and Port Sauce pie that’ll leave you vegan and beggin fer more and a death by chocolate, goji berry ginger and grand marnier pudding that’ll leave you pouring the butter and full fat cream down the sink you cholesterol livered varmits!

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